Friday, April 2, 2010

"Dear Son"

Sometimes our children don't understand the sacrifice's we have made for them. They don't remember the sleepless nights we stayed up with them, the hospital trips, the parent teacher conference, the sporting events that we attended and cheered them on, the homework assignments we helped with, the unconditional love that we gave them, the barbershop appointments, trips to the zoo, going to get ice cream on a hot afternoon, reading them a book or two before bed, praying over them before bed, kissing there wounds when the fall and make a boo boo, doctors appointments, emergency room visits for cuts, ear infections and meningitis, slumber parties, birthday parties, school field trips, not to mention carrying them in our womb for 9 months an giving birth to them, 2 hour feedings for 3 months straight, bath time, walks on trails, pushing them on the swing at the park ( and then they say "Can we stay for 5 more mins " and you say yes 5 more mins because you remember how it was to play at the park when you were their age, painting Easter eggs, putting money under their pillow for that front tooth, wrapping and putting presents under the Christmas tree at 3am. For all the parents who feel they are losing their child TRUST THAT GOD HAS A PLAN AND YOUR CHILD IS IN HIS HANDS. For all the children who believe the know what's best for them and want to make their own decision KNOW THAT GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE AND YOU ARE IN HIS HAND!.