Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trass The Dress

I know it's been along time since I posted anything.  I getting ready to go back to the hair industry and just getting things in order.  On the other hand I had the opportunity to do a "Trash The Dress" photo shoot with a wonderful couple Alethea and Kevin.  These photo's came out amazing!  I had so much fun running around Chicago with them.  The totally worked the camera.  Can anybody say Americas next top model :)  At one point during out shoot it was pouring rain.  I mean really really rain hard.  That didn't stop us.  I actually love the pics with the concert wet and the lights reflecting off of it.  Well enough with all that.  Take a look at these pics I'm sure you will be satisfied!  By the way visit my website and blog for Stylist Ashieka Daniels.  I will be returning in July 2011 and  Enjoy!

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